Smart Learners

Smart learners are at home in a digital world

  • Where 1:1 iPads are deployed for the first time it is critical that Smart Learners is used to introduce learners to iPads in a 1:1 environment.

  • We recommend Smart Learners is introduced in sequence.

  • Enable learners sufficient time to practise and connect with key elements of the Kawa of Care before introducing new learning.

  • Identify opportunities for learners to connect with key learning within existing programmes of learning. This means practising what they are learning , everyday. It is critical to establish routines and expectations early to support future learning.

In this Manaiakalani Class On Air episode, Khismira Lal shares how she has planned for Cybersmart Learning: How can I be a Smart Learner. This includes a a video modelling lessons, Learning Site content and links to learners' blogs.