Manaiakalani 1:1 iPad Support

The Manaiakalani pedagogy ‘Learn, Create, Share’ puts our young people at the very centre of their learning. Consequently harnessing the affordances of digital technology, including introducing 1:1 devices to support teaching and learning, requires a considered deployment of the technology informed by learning focused actions.

This site brings together pedagogy, processes and procedures that we have identified best support the goals of Manaiakalani and contribute to enabling our schools to improve learning outcomes for our young people.

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We have developed this site to support Learn, Create, Share pedagogy in 1:1 iPad Junior classrooms. It is not designed for learning spaces where iPads are shared.

Learning devices are essential to enabling the Manaiakalani Programme. With these goals in mind we undertake a rigorous process to determine the best devices to support teaching and learning.

In response to identified learning needs and the outcomes of pilot 1:1 tablet classes in Manaiakalani schools, iPads (the device) and Explain Everything (the Application) have been identified as the technology that best support the Manaiakalani kaupapa and pedagogy Learn, Create, Share for 1:1 in our junior classes.

Explain Everything provides an interactive, screencasting whiteboard, enabling both the teacher and learner to create and share learning artefacts. The App also enables the teacher to design and personalise learning which can be recorded, rewound and shared.

By acknowledging and utilising the capability of the App and device, teachers have access to immediate evidence of progress and how learners are developing their ideas and thinking. This enables teachers to plan and modify teaching and learning programmes for individual students, groups of students, and the class as a whole.

The ability to design and personalise learning has also created a more efficient and engaging environment that empowers learners and has the potential to accelerate learning when used in conjunction with effective teacher practice.

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